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Mrayyan et al

Greener Journal of Science, Engineering and Technological Research Vol. 4 (2), pp. 030-031, May 2014.

ISSN: 2276-7835

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 030614133



Goldbach Conjecture Proof



Salwa Mrayyan*, Mosa Jawarneh, Tamara Qublan



Assistant Prof., Balqaa Applied University, CS Instructor, Balqaa Applied University Jordan.



*Corresponding Author’s Email: salwa_mrayyan @ yahoo. com


Very simple method of proving Goldbach Conjecture, this proof which  is simply being just algebraic process by taking the statement of the conjecture " All  positive even integers  n ≥ 4 can be expressed as the sum of two primes. Two primes (p,q) such that  p+q = 2N for N a positive integer are sometimes called a Goldbach partition (Oliveira e Silva)"and the researcher took this statement and build up the proof.


Keywords: Goldbach conjecture, Prime numbers, Even number.


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