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Masocha and Mugari

Greener Journal of  Sport and Physical Education Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-007, September 2014.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 022814130

Sport and Racial Inequality: An Analysis of Pre-Independence Zimbabwe (1890-1979)


*Vincent Masocha, Abisha Mugari


Department of Physical Education and Sport. Zimbabwe Open University.

*Corresponding Author’s Email: vmasocha @gmail .com, Tel: +263 0271-7161/7107


The purpose of the study was to trace the racial imbalances in sport over the pre-independence historical period and to find out the extent to which racial discrimination was being practised in the pre-independence Zimbabwe. The research followed both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and a descriptive survey design with a historical approach. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used to gather data from forty (40) subjects (54-78 years of age) who were purposively selected on the basies that they were former freedom fighters, former political detainees or sports persons who lived or participated in sport during the pre-independence era (1965-1979). It was found that racial inequalities were common in sport before independence and black Zimbabweans were segregated in most sporting disciplines but, they were allowed to participate in soccer, athletics, boxing and netball. Whites on the other hand participated in unlimited sporting games including cricket, rugby, swimming, tennis, hockey, horse-racing and fencing. Blacks were not allowed to represent their country at international competitions, a privilege that was only accorded to white sportsmen.

Keywords: Racism; Freedom fighter; Political detainee; pre-independence.


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