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Umoh et al

Greener Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Vol. 4 (3), pp. 030-035, August 2017.

  ISSN: 2354-2292 © 2017 Authors

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 080117100



Fractional Recovery of Applied Potassium in Soils of Southeastern Nigeria


*1Umoh F. O, 2Osodeke V. E and 3G. S. Effiong  


1Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Akwa Ibom State University, Mkpat    Enin, P. M. B. 1167, Uyo, Nigeria.

2Department of Soil Science and Meteorology, Michael Opara University of Agriculture,    Umudike, P.M. B. 7257, Umuahia, Nigeria.

3Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Management, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria


The fractional recovery of K was assessed in three selected surface soils of southeastern Nigeria. Soils used were form on alluvium, shale, and coastal plain sands parent materials and were treated to various concentration levels of K, ranging from 0 -200mgl-1 prepared from KCL. The amount of K was measured at time intervals of 1, 7, 30, 90 and 180 days. Result of incubation period shows that the highest K recovered was obtained in alluvium soil while the least came from shale in the order: alluvium (0.26) > coastal plain sand (0.11) > shale (0.02). Soils developed from shale had the highest K fixing capacity (98%) while alluvium (74%) had the least. The amount of K required to increase the soil solution K value (NH40Ac extracted) by 1mgl-1 (fertilizer factor) was high: coastal plain sands (166.0 cmolkg-1) > alluvium (67.4 cmolkg-1) > shale 55.1 cmolkg-1). The fertilizer factor provides a useful index of obtaining the K fertilizer needs and these rates are recommended for these soils studied.


Keywords: Potassium, Parent Material, Fixation, Fractional Recovery, Fertilizer Factor.  

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