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Okeke et al

Greener Journal of Internet, Information and Communication Systems Vol. 1 (3), pp. 079-086, August 2013.  

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The Implications of the Rise in Social Networking Sites on the Newspaper Industry in Nsukka Urban Area, Nigeria


Ijeoma Dorathy Okeke1*, Chidiebere A. Nwachukwu1and Chukwuedozie K. Ajaero2


1Department of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

2Department of Geography, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: ijeoma.okeke.139798 @ unn. edu. ng,

Tel: +2348067379676


Social networking sites have been sources of information just as the traditional mass media. This study aims at determining the implications of the rise in social networking sites on the newspaper industry. The objectives of this study in Nsukka urban area are to find out the level of awareness of people about social networking sites; to investigate the level of usage of these sites; and to examine the implications of the rise of these sites on the newspaper industry. This work uses survey research method. The study uses descriptive statistics for the analysis of the gathered data and the results show that people are very much aware of social networking sites and also use them; most of the respondents also believe that social networking sites are increasing. In addition, majority of the respondents prefer social networking sites to newspapers. Their preference of the social networking sites are due to their lower cost, prompt access to information, immediate feedback capability, unlimited access in the use of networks, access to real time recordings and a wider coverage. Also, the use of social networking sites has caused a decrease in readership and sales and is seen as credible source of information. Based on the above findings, it is recommended that the newspaper industry should reappraise their activities and operations to devise ways of making the newspaper relevant amidst the rise of social networking sites. 

Keywords: Social Networking Sites (SNSs); Newspaper Industry; Nsukka Urban; Traditional media; Technology Determinism; Journalists.

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