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Tunmibi and Falayi

Greener Journal of Internet, Information and Communication Systems Vol. 1 (3), pp. 060-065, August 2013.  

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 071613734


IT Security and E-Banking in Nigeria


*Sunday Tunmibi and Emmanuel Falayi


School of Computer Science, Mathematics and Information Technology, Houdegbe North American University, Republic of Benin.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: padebola @ gmail. com


This study looks into Information technology security and e-banking in the Nigeria banking industry. A total of forty customers were sampled from nine different banks in Nigeria using accidental sampling method and questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. Information technology has been acknowledged as the life wire of banks in the financial sector as it promotes and facilitates the performance of banks in various countries. However, with respect to IT security in Nigeria, there is a variation in the level of trust that customers have in their banks. Most of the sampled customers responded that network is unreliable and there is an occasional experience of cash deduction without cash withdrawal when using ATM. They noted that IT security is a major challenge to e-banking in Nigeria and the banking industry is not stable enough for e-banking. 

Keywords: Information technology, Security, E-Banking, Banking industries, Nigeria.

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