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Isah et al

Greener Journal of Internet, Information and Communication Systems. Vol. 2 (1), pp. 011-018, April 2015.  

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Development and Implementation of an On-Line Student-Based Information Processing and Management System


 *1Isah Abdulazeez Watson, 2Oshomah Abdulai Braimah,

3Enyong P.M, and 4Alexander Omoregie


Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State.

2email:oshomahabdul @


*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: Isahtek @, Phone: 08062416511



This paper discusses the Development and Implementation of an On-Line Student-Based Information Processing and Management System (OSBIPMS). Student’s information system encompasses all kinds of student details such as students’ course work, course curriculum, students’ information details and results management records. This system is developed to provide solutions to some of the problems associated with some of these records. It also discusses the design and implementation of a website interface integrated with My Structured Query Language (MySQL). It reflects on the concept of appropriate database selection mechanism, interface design and system development. Conclusively, it depicts the applicability of the system to an educational institution.


Keywords:  On-line student-based information system, curriculum, database, MySQL.


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