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Manjeese et al

Greener Journal of Internet, Information and Communication Systems. Vol. 2 (1), pp. 001-010, April 2015.  

ISSN: 2354-2373

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 051114383



A closer look on the awareness of information security amongst Zimbabwean universities’ staff: A case study of Great Zimbabwe University


*1Manjeese Caleb, 2Mawere Talent, 3Sai Kundai Oliver and 4Denhere Prosper Tafadzwa


1,2,3Great Zimbabwe University

4Midlands State University


E-mails: cmanjeese83 @gmail. com1, talentmawere @gmail. com2, kundiesai @yahoo. com3, denherepee@yahoo .co.uk4


*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: cmanjeese83 @, Phone: +263773262360 


The research was conducted at a university in Zimbabwe to determine the information security awareness of its employees. The literature review conducted showed that information security awareness training is important in any organization which is serious about securing its information assets. The researchers used closed response questionnaire to gather data about the respondents’ awareness, attitudes and behaviors. The responses were analysed using SPSS and the researcher chose to use descriptive statistics in the process as they are easy to comprehend. The generality of the respondents showed lack of information awareness training as shown by their responses which indicated their attitudes and behaviors. The researchers came up with a number of recommendations such as the establishment of an independent information security department, scheduled information security awareness training (ISAT) programmes, that are evaluated over time.

Keywords: Information security, awareness, attitudes, behaviors, training.


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