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Editorial Team

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EditorsOther Editorial Board Members (Reviewers, Proofreaders and Language Translators)

Dr. Miriampally Venkata Raghavendra

Electrical Engineering Dept,

Adama Science & Technology University

Nazrath, Adama, Ethiopia


Dr.  Magdy Shayboub Ali Mahmoud

Computer Science Department,

Faculty of Computers and Informatics,

Ismailia 41522, Suez Canal University, Egypt


Dr. Shirshendu Maitra

Mumbai University,



Mrs. Eng. Marjan Goodarzi

University of Malaya

Engineering Tower,

Faculty of engineering,

University of Malaya, 50603,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dr. Zahra Shahsavar

Assistant Professor

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences



Dr.  Mohammed Aseeri

University of Canberra


Mr. Oliver Chimwe

P. O. Box 30877, Tlokweng,


A new editorial selection is still on and this listed will be made available later.


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