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You are invited to submit manuscripts that have scientific relevance and meets distinct quality requirements.

Greener Scholarly Publications (GSP) is an international publisher of open access journals that provides quality publication of articles monthly and covers various subject areas. Since 2011, we have consistently published articles of great quality. Our editorial process will keep adding tremendous value to research works submitted by authors from Africa and all over the world. Papers are published within 2 - 6 weeks depending on the publication process chosen by the author. GSP operates an open access policy, therefore, all published articles will be freely available online to the public. 


Submission of Manuscript: 

Four types of manuscripts can be submitted: Original research articles, review articles, short communication articles and technical reports.

Manuscripts should be submitted by filling and submitting the online submission form. Authors are required to sign up and sign into our website to access this form. You are also to download and attached a filled Consent Form. Where difficulty is experienced while trying to submit a manuscript through our online submission form, manuscript may then be submitted as an e-mail attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., however, the Details and Consent Form should be downloaded, filled and submitted along with the manuscript. 

Submitted manuscripts should conform to the requirements of GSP, therefore, authors should endeavor to read our Editorial Policies, Ethics policies and Instructions for Authors before submitting a manuscript to our editorial office. Also, make sure the following guidelines are met: 

1.   Ensure that the work has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, review or thesis),

2.   ensure that the manuscript is not currently being processed elsewhere,

3.   ensure that duplicate submission is not made within GSP,

4.   ensure there is no breach of any copyright by submitting it for publication,

5.   ensure that the submission and publication has been agreed by all co-authors and responsible authorities,

6.   ensure there is no default in ethical standard,

7. ensure the manuscript follows the prescription in our Instructions for Authors,

8.   footnotes are not allowed.

In addition, the accurate contact information of all authors (surname, other names in full, affiliation, e-mail for each author, and a phone number) should be available on the manuscript. Disclosure of conflicts of interest should also be available in the manuscript.


Acceptable file formats: Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX) or Rich text format (RTF).

Suggested Reviewers: The authors may also suggest two to four reviewers for the manuscript (GSP will assign other reviewers). 


Why Submit to Greener Scholarly Publications?


- Expert in processing and publication of articles,

- Covers many subject areas,

- Has a large group of International and professional Editorial members.

- Innovative and quality review process,

- Timely processing,

- We go the extra mile to ensure your manuscript comes out unique,

- Continuous availability of articles online,

- DOI allocation, wide indexing and archiving,

- Added services - translation and free proofreading,

- Easy tracking of the status of manuscripts,

- Very affordable fees, 

- Delivers quality hard copies,

- Publication in wide viewing formats: PDF, HTML and EPUB. The HTML version of our publications can be easily translated by viewers around the world to any language with just a click thereby increasing the readability of the paper,

- Beautiful website with fascinating features,

- Service guarantee.



Our editorial office is open to editorial partnership with qualified individuals willing to act as editors, reviewers and proofreaders. Please carefully read through the content of the website especially our editorial and ethics policies, reviewer's and editor's guidelines and instructions for authors. Also, sign up, fill our online Editorial Partnership Form and attach your CV.