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Greener Journals renders other standalone services.



Take advantage of our manuscript proofreading service that delivers a document free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. Our prices are very affordable and vary from 0.020 USD per word to 0.025 USD per word depending on the number of words. Submit your document now and get a price quote. Simply use the Manuscript Submission Form to submit the document. Also select the proofreading option as a service you need.


Translation Services:

We render translation services at the rate of 0.10 USD per word. Simply use the Manuscript Submission Form to submit the document. Also, select the translation option as a service you need.


Publication in other Languages:

Greener Journals can publish a manuscript in English and any other additional language. Authors can submit the manuscript in English or in another language. We will charge our regular translation fee of 0.1 USD per word to translate the manuscript and an additional publication fee of 50 USD to publish a manuscript in the second language. Authors can choose to submit the manuscript in English and a second language to skip our translation fee. 


Peer-review service:

Greener Journals has a unique platform (website) setup solely for peer review. We review all our manuscripts using this platform and welcomes other journals, universities, associations and authors to use this platform. Each submitted paper undergoes the following:

1. Matched to at least 2 professional reviewers qualified in the subject field.

2. Checked for plagiarism.

3. Review comments are sent to the author for revision.

4. The revised manuscript is matched with 3 editors for their decision.

5. Approved manuscripts receive a peer review certificate.

6. Authors may choose to publish the manuscript with us or not. 

Our review fee varies from 30 USD to 50 USD. Fill the Manuscript Submission Form to get a price quote or contact us to make more inquires.