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Greener Scholarly Publications has begun a Post-Review method of publication for all our Journals. Submitted manuscripts will undergo an elementary pre-publication review and be published within one to two weeks. Thereafter, a follow-up post-review will be initiated to evaluate and score the manuscript. Based on the outcome of the post review, the author may resubmit and publish a revised manuscript. 


New Editorial Process:

We are going to process your manuscript using our newly adopted post-review publication method. With this method, your manuscript will pass through the following steps:

1.  Pre-Publication review: The manuscript will be made to go through a quick pre-review where the manuscript will undergo a thorough Plagiarism check. We will also ensure the manuscript meets the recommendation indicated in our Instructions for Authors. This process is meant to last  between 3-5 days.

2.  Reference Check and Proof Reading: At this stage the manuscript will be corrected of all grammatical mistakes and citation irregularities.

3.  Acceptance of manuscript: The manuscript will be accepted immediately it passes step one and a letter of acceptance will be sent to the author. At this stage payment will be required before we proceed.

4.    Proof Copy and First Publication: The proof copy of the edited manuscript will be sent to the author for final approval and then the manuscript will be published online. The manuscript will be assigned DOI and will be viewable and downloadable by anyone around the world. The manuscript will be published in our regular viewing formats – PDF, HTML, EPUB. This publication can never be replaced or retracted.

5.    Post-Publication Peer-Review: At this stage we will invite qualified reviewers to evaluate the published manuscript. We will be able to get the evaluation of at least 2 reviewers within a period of 1-4 weeks. An open peer-review system will be employed so that reviewer’s identity is not hidden and can be credited for adding to the improvement of the manuscript. Also any qualified person can view the publication online and send a review comment. 

6.   Revision of Manuscript: The reviewer’s comments will be available for the author to make a thorough revision on the manuscript and send back a revised manuscript. Authors are advised to wait to receive at least two review comments before sending a revised manuscript.

7.   The corrected/revised manuscript will be published in a page created for each manuscript that shows the post-publication review rundown, see a sample here. This page will be accessed from the abstract page of each published manuscript. A revised manuscript can be resubmitted for publication in not more than two intervals.


Advantages of Post-review Publication


1.   The author’s intellectual property is protected from being copied and used by peer-reviewers before publication especially when the manuscript has been rejected.

2.   The innovative content of the author’s paper is not lost in cases where the paper may have been rejected. Therefore, the author can still be credited for an innovation and is further given adequate opportunity and time to improve on the manuscript.

3.    It prevents the limitation caused by lapses common in peer-review that sometimes leave a good paper unnecessarily delayed or rejected, demanding unnecessary corrections before publication.

4.   The reviewers are acknowledged for their inputs to the improvement of the paper.

5.  It creates a platform for dialogue and exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas between reviewers, editors, authors and readers regarding a particular manuscript or topic.

6.    It provides adequate comments and ideas for improvement of the paper.

7.   It promotes better transparency of a publication process and reveals the extent of work done to improve each manuscript.

8.   It prevents a manuscript having to pass through two or more Journals before it is accepted and published.


Submission Guidelines:


Authors are to submit their papers via

1.    Our online submission form. You will need to sign up and sign in to access this form. Where authors are facing difficulties using this method, then the manuscript can be submitted using option 2 below.

2.    An email attachment of the manuscript should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, the author using this method must download the Details Form here, fill it and submit it along with the manuscript. A Details Form must be submitted for each manuscript.


Publication Fee:


Authors are required to pay a handling fee. The handling fee has currently been reduced to 75USD for all our Journals. This amount is now a one time payment that will be required immediately after acceptance from the pre-publication review. No other payment will be demanded to publish the first revised manuscript.