April 2014 Vol 43


April 2014 Vol. 4(3)

Table of Contents: April 2014; Vol. 4(3)

Research Articles


S. D. Muduli, N. Chaturvedi, P. Mohapatra, N. K. Dhal and B. D. Nayak
Growth and Physiological Activities of Selected Leguminous Crops Grown in Carbonated Fly Ash Amended Soil
[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]   [Full Article – HTML]   [Full Article – EPUB]  pp. 083-090


Sarra Arbaoui, Bruno Campanella, Salah Rezgui, Roger Paul, Taoufik Bettaieb

Bioaccumulation and Photosynthetic Activity Response of Kenaf (Hibicus cannabinus L.) to Cadmium and Zinc

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]   [Full Article – HTML]   [Full Article – EPUB]  pp. 091-100


Magembe E.M., Bebe B.O., Lagat J.K.
Evaluation of Livestock- Crop Enterprise Diversity Associated with Shift from 
Pastoral to Agro-Pastoral Farming Systems in Transmara West District of Narok County- Kenya

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]   [Full Article – HTML]   [Full Article – EPUB]  pp. 101-109


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