Gaber Et Al


Gaber et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 4 (1), pp.
January 2014.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 022013483


Effect of Partially Replacing Corn Meal by Date Stone on
Growth Performance in Nile Tilapia Fingerlings, Diets
Supplemented with Marjoram: Effects of Date Stone on
Growth Nile Tilapia


Gaber M.M.1*, Labib E.H.2,

Omar E.A.3,

Zaki M.A.4


Nour A.M.5


Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Cairo Egypt.

Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation,
Dokki , Giza Egypt.

of Animal and Fish Production, Faculty of Agriculture,
Saba Basha, Alexandria Univ., Egypt.

of Animal and Fish Production, Faculty of Agriculture,
El Shatby, Alexandria Univ., Egypt.


Author’s Email:

gabermagdy @


3-month randomized factorial design 4×2 (four levels of Date
stone (DS) (0, 15, 30, and 45%), two levels (0 and 0.03%) of
Marjoram (M) and three replicates). The trial was conducted
in twenty four glass aquaria. Ten fingerlings of Nile
tilapia were placed in each aquarium with an average weight
15.40 ± 0.3 g fish. Fish were fed twice daily (six days a
week) at a rate of 3% of body weight. The results revealed
that, mean final weight (g/fish), SGR (% /day), feed
conversion ratio, PPV and PER, were significantly (p ≤ 0.05)
affected by the levels of DS and level of M. And the best
diet achieved which contain 15% DS and supplemented with
0.03 % M was not significantly different from control diet
in fish performance.

 From the above results and the economic information of these
study it can be concluded that, diet containing 15% of DS
with 0.03% M exhibited the highest net profit and would seem
to be the most desirable level of DS and M in the system

Keywords: Nile tilapia, date stone, Marjoram.


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