Mar 2013 Vol 33


Mar. 2013 Vol. 3(3)

Table of Contents: Mar. 2013; Vol. 3(3)

Research Articles



Culver Mvumi

Assessing the Effects of Conservation Agriculture on Maize Yield in Nyakatsapa, Mutasa District, Manicaland Province: Implications on Extension Advice to Farmers in Promoting the Agriculture

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 193-198


Culver Mvumi             

Assessing the Effect of Adequate and Inadequate Inorganic Fertilizer Rates on the Yield Levels of Paprika in Mutasa Resettlement Area, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. pp. 199-203


Sodamade A.

Proximate Analysis, Mineral Content, Amino Acid Composition and Functional Properties of Vernonia amygdalina Vegetable Leaf Protein Concentrates   

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 204-210


Adeagbo, A.I., Bolaji, K.A., and Odoje, O.F

Nutritive Potentials of Allium Cepa and Diplotaxis Tenufolia Vegetable Leaf Protein Concentrates

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 211-214


Ofodile, E.A.U, Chima U.D and Udo E.F

Effect of different growth media on foliage production and root growth in Gongronema latifolia Benth stem cuttings

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 215-221


Kelvin Mark Mtei, Ajebesone Francis Ngome, Stephen Wambua and Mathias Becker

Assessment of Technology Options Addressing Agricultural Production Constraints in Western Kenya

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 222-234


George O. Achieng, Samwel O. Nyandere, Philip O. Owuor, Gordon O. Abayoand and Chrispine O. Omondi

Effects of Rate and Split Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield of Two Sugarcane Varieties from Ratoon Crop

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 235-239


Ojo C.O. and Babayo U.A

Analysis of Gender Contribution to Rural Household Food Supply (A Case Study of Askira/ Uba Local Government Area, Borno State)

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 240-245


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