May 2013 Vol 35


May 2013 Vol. 3(5)

Table of Contents: May 2013; Vol. 3(5)

Research Articles



Shitote Z., Wakhungu J., China S.

Challenges Facing Fish Farming Development in Western Kenya

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 305-311


Emma Opara, Theresa C. Njoku and Chikodi Isaiah            

Potency of Some Plant Extracts and Pesticides on Bacterial Leaf Blight Diseases of Cocoyam (Colocasia Esculenta) in Umudike, South Eastern Nigeria

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 312-319


H.A. Lamtane, Y.D. Mgaya and R.G. Bailey.

Effects of water quality, flooding episode and management variables on the fish yield from self-stocked ponds in lower Rufiji floodplain, Tanzania   

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 320-331


Jacinta M. Kimiti and Andrew M. Gordon.

Mulch Inoculation and Placement Influenced Barley (Hordeum VulgareGrowth and Soil Nitrate Levels

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 322-340


Manaa Saif Alhabsi.

Involvement of Fishermen in Fisheries Co-management in Oman

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 341-354


Expedito Nuwategeka, Robert Ayine & Denis Thaddeus Ofoyuru.

Land Suitability Evaluation for Tea and Food Crops in Kabarole District, Western Uganda

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 355-362


Mercy Asamoah, F. Owusu Ansah, V. Anchirinah, F. Aneani and D. Agyapong

nsight into the Standard of Living of Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 363-370


J. Tanimu, E.O. Uyovbisere, S.W.J. Lyocks and Y. Tanimu.

Effects of Cow Dung on the Growth and Development of Maize Crop

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 371-383


C.U. Uneze.

Socio-Economic Determinants of Savings in Cooperatives by Farmers of Selected Agricultural Group Lending Schemes in Anambra State, Nigeria

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 384-390


Nwosu D. J., Aladele S., Adeosun J. O., Nwadike C and Awa E. N.

Cross-compatibility and F1 Reproductive Potential of Cultivated Cowpea Varieties and a Wild Relative (Subsp. unguiculata var. spontenea)

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 391-395

Akise O.G., Abolagba O.J. and Eyong, M.M.

Mycoflora of Three Fish Species Smoke-Dried Using Rubber Wood (Hevea Brassillensis) in Nigeria

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 396-402


Badii K.B., Adarkwah C. and Nboyine J.A.

Insecticide Use in Cabbage Pest Management in Tamale Metropolis of Ghana

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 403-411


Mbe J.O., Onyekwere I.N., Ano A.O., Onweremadu E.U. and Chukwu L.I.

Experimental Investigation of Mercury Distribution in Polluted Soils of Owerri Area, Southeastern Nigeria

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 412-416


K. Makaza and M.D. Shoko.

Effect of Litter Quality and Inorganic-N on Decomposition and Nitrogen Release in Alley Cropping from Three Leguminous Agroforestry Tree Species

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 417-426


Mubvuma M. T., Mapanda S., and Mashonjowa E.

Effect of storage temperature and duration on germination of moringa seeds (moringa oleifera)

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 427-432


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