Mohammed Et Al


Mohammed et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 4 (4), pp.
May 2014.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 012714070



Description and Optimization of Sedentary Production
System (Jubraka) in Nuba Mountains,
Western Sudan


*Ahmed Mohammed, Murakah Mohammed,

Dr. Ibrahim Adam Eldukheri and Elkhalil Elnour Breima


Agriculture Research Corporation (ARC). Sudan, Elobied
Research Station.


Author’s Email: amorakah @ m or kbriema @
yahoo. com

Tel: +249912688261
or +249118895792


study was carried out in Nuba Mountains seasons (2008-2009).
The main objectives of the study are, to describe, analyze
and identify possible optimization for the sedentary
production systems (jubraka). And to identify the
socio-economic factors that affecting the level of
production. Primary data were collected using structured
questionnaire. A representative sample size of 50 farmers
was selected using multi-stage clustered design. Group
discussions using guidelines questions were also used to
augment information collection. Secondary data were
collected from the relevant institutional sources.
Descriptive statistics, linear regression analysis
(Cob-Douglas function) and linear programming (LP) were
applied to analyze the data. From the linear regression the
results showed that (land, labor, capital) have positive
effectiveness with different significant. The linear
programming results also revealed that Dura and Sesame
entered the optimal solution.
Keywords: sedentary production system, jubraka,
socio-economic factors, linear regression analysis and
linear programming.


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