Oct 2012 Vol 26


Oct. 2012 Vol. 2(6)

Table of Contents: Oct. 2012; Vol. 2(6)

Research Article



K.A. Etchu, M.E. Humbu, K.J.N. Ndamukong and E.B. Agbor

Effect of Varying Levels of Brewer’s Dried Grain on the Growth Performance of Weaner Rabbits (Oryctolagus Cuniculus).

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 233 – 236


O.J. Owen, M.B. Nodu, U.A. Dike and H.M. Ideozu

The Effects of Dietary Kaolin (Clay) as Feed Additive on the Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 237 – 245


J. Tanimu1, E.O. Uyovbisere, S.W.J. Lyocks and Y. Tanimu

Assessment of Some Handling Practices on Cow Dung: Calcium and Magnesium Content and Total Microbial Population in the Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria.   

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 246 – 250


E.N. Oruche, T.K. Atala, J.G. Akpoko and J. Chikaire

Impact of the National Special Programme for Food Security on Livestock Farmers in Ideato South Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 251 – 258


N.P. Chikezie, D.F. Omokore, J.G. Akpoko and J. Chikaire

Factors Influencing Rural Youth Adoption of Cassava Recommended Production Practices in Onu-Imo Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 259 – 268


Mojtaba Afzali Pour Fereidouni*, Mohsen kafi, Mesbah Babalar, Reza Fatahi, and Hamed Balanian

The Effect of N-NH4/NT Ratios, Spraying Intervals of Nutrient Solution and Light in Root Media on Macro Elements Uptake and Vegetative Traits of Gerbera in Aeroponic Culture

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 269 – 278


Josphert N. Kimatu, Robyn McConchie, Xiuyuan Xie, and Simon N. Nguluu

The Significant Role of Post-Harvest Management in Farm Management, Aflatoxin Mitigation and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 279 – 288


Makinde E.A.

Major Nutrients Requirement of Amaranthus cruentus L. on Two Soil Types in Lagos State of Nigeria

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 289 – 293


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