Vol 2 3 June 2012


VOL. 2 (3) June 2012

Table of Contents: June 2012; Vol. 2(3)

Research Article


Ndam O.N., Ogunwolu E. O. and Manggoel W.

Impact of Insecticide Sprays on Soybean Pests and Natural Enemy Densities at Makurdi, Nigeria.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 061 – 067


Ulrike Krauss, Valex Adonijah, Claudio Arroyo, Mirjam Bekker, Jayne Crozier, Arturo Gamboa, Chantal Steuten and Keith Holmes

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) yield increase in Costa Rica through novel stress management and fertilization approach.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 068 – 078


Nnadi F.N., Chikaire J., Ihenacho R.A., Egwuonwu H.A. and Osuagwu C.O.

Reducing Risks and Improving Safe Use of Agricultural Biotechnology Products through Participatory Technology Development .   

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 079 – 089


Nnadi F.N., Chikaire J., Osuagwu C.O., Ihenacho R.A. and Egwuonwu H.A.

Mobilizing Women for Food Security, Poverty Reduction and Rural Development in Nigeria: The Role of Land Tenure Rights.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 090 – 101


Mbomi S.E, Anjah G.M, Lamare D.M and Oben F.T.

Effects Of Inter – Row and Intra – Row Spacing of Three Tephrosia Species and their Influence on Soil Fertility.

[Abstract]   [Full Article – PDF]  pp. 102 – 107


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