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10th anniversary offers

It is our 10th anniversary; it has been by the mercy of God. By continuing in upholding excellence and timeliness, and with a renewed sense of honesty, we look forward towards serving the scientific community and our world better and much longer.

This mail is intended to enlighten you of our anniversary publication offers and to elaborate on it.

Here is a list of offers with their features described below:

Offer 1 - Publish free of cost for the next 5 years. See the details below.   Offer 2 - Publish free of cost for the next 2 and a half years. See the details below.

Offer 3 - Publish articles with high quality at a low cost 25USD (75% discount); get 30% discount off the fee required for a hard copy; get 50 % o0f our book publishing fee. This second offer is open to all who submit an article to our editorial office, within the remaining parts of this year 2021.

The conditions for offer 1 and offer 2 are similar and described below, however, they only differ in submission limit:

A. Subscription: A one-time fee of 500 USD only is required for activation of offer 1, and 250 USD for offer 2. No other hidden fee, afterwards.

B. Submission limit: For offer 1, a maximum of 20 academic papers/academic blogs can be submitted yearly for a period of 5 years. After 20, additional papers will be charged 25 USD per accepted paper. For offer 2, a maximum of 10 academic papers/academic blogs can be submitted yearly for a period of 2 years six months. After 10, additional papers will be charged 25 USD per accepted paper.

C. Who can subscribe: An individual or a group of individuals can share the subscription and publish papers that they author or co-author, or submit on behalf of other authors.
Academically or research related organisations, bodies, groups, departments can use the subscription for its authors/students/researchers. Directors, Deans, heads of department, supervisors, and more can use the opportunity.

D. Types of submission: Articles (Research, review, short comm., case reports, letter to the editor), Thesis and conference papers. Academic blogs are also welcome for our new blog section.

E. Language of Article: We accept papers written in English and also accommodate papers written in French, and Spanish. Each paper written in French or Spanish must have an additional English title and abstract. Papers should be submitted without grammatical errors or may attract additional fee for proofreading.   F. Paper quality: Subscribing does not mean papers that lack appropriate quality will be published. Each paper will still go through our evaluation process and if any is rejected, it can be replaced. Each paper should conform to our author’s instructions and journal policies, and must be free of Plagiarism.

G. How to use your subscription: after subscription, you will receive a code to submit papers via email attachment. With this code we will keep track of your submissions. You will also receive login info sent to your email, with which you can submit papers on our website, as well as track your submissions. You can submit to any of our journal you choose to publish with. Our journals are open access journals. Each paper you submit that is accepted will be published promptly, allocated DOI and indexed.

H. How to subscribe for this offer: Simply send an email to, indicating your interest and how you intend to use the subscription and we will reply you with the next line of action. If you have additional questions to ask, you can also contact us at,   Visit our website:

You can send our editorial partnership form and your CV to, if you desire to join the editorial board.   Kindly inform your colleagues by using one of the sharing tools on this page or by forwarding the email you received to them.