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The main objective of this study was to estimate the phenotypic and genetic correlations between 18 linear type traits and three production yields in the first lactation of Turkish Holstein dairy cows. In this study, 78 sires having at least 5 daughters and their 2721 daughters were used. Heritabilities ranged

Nitrogen deficiency is a major factor limiting bean production in Africa. This problem can be alleviated by the use of nitrogen fertilizers which on the other hand adversely affect the environment. The problem can also be alleviated by the use of environmental friendly biological nitrogen fixation technology. In this study,

This review was done to highlight the worldwide contamination of foods and feeds with mycotoxins as a significant problem. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of moulds that have adverse effects on humans, animals, and crops that result in illnesses and direct economic losses in crop yield and stored agricultural products. Aflatoxins,

Combining ability estimates of roselle cultivars were studied in a 6 x 6 half diallel analysis. The results showed significant entries, parents and crosses for all the traits studied in the individual and also in the poolled analysis, suggesting that roselle populations were highly variable for all the traits and

Collinearity (or multicollinearity) is the undesirable situation where the correlations among the independent variables are strong. Multicollinearity misleadingly inflates the standard errors and results in incorrect conclusions about relationships between dependent and predictor variables. Thus, it makes some variables statistically insignificant while they should be otherwise significant. It is like

The high price of wheat flour coupled with an unfavourable climatic condition for profitable wheat production in Nigeria has led to the search for alternative flours for the production of bakery and deep fat fried foods, such as bread, chinchin, buns, doughnuts, etc. In this project, malted sorghum flour was

A computer program was developed for determination of crop water requirements using local meteorological and research data, and also using Visual Basic 6.0 Programming language. For verification of the model, field trials were carried out during the period December 2007 - July 2008 at four schemes using center-pivot irrigations in

The role of credit in agricultural economy cannot be overemphasized. Its constraints hamper productivity and income of rural smallholder farmers. In this study, cross-sectional data from 150 smallholder cassava farming households were used to examine credit accessibility and poverty among cassava farmers in Ogun state, Nigeria. The data were analyzed

This study was designed to analyze agricultural credit risks and defaults management by banks in Imo State. Data were collected with the use of structured and validated questionnaire from 12 purposively selected bank branches and 72 randomly selected farmer loan beneficiaries in the state. Data were analyzed using means, percentages,

This study analyzed the technical efficiency and the sources of inefficiency in large scale and small scale rice production in Imo State, Nigeria during the 2009 cropping season, using a stochastic frontier production function which incorporates a model for inefficiency effects. A sample of 160 farmers selected using the multi-stage

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