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Authors from around the world are invited to send scholarly articles that suits the scope of this journal. The journal is currently open to submissions and will process and publish articles monthly in two yearly issues.

The journal is centered on quality and goes about its processes in a very timely fashion. 

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About GJAH

Start Year: 2011

ISSN: 2276-7819


Our Mission is to contribute towards the advancement of knowledge and general discoveries, by providing free access to quality research information online.


Human history, Linguistics, Literature, Arts, Performing arts, Visual arts, Applied arts, Fine arts, Mixed Media, Creative arts, Art history, Calligraphy, Printmaking, Studio art, Philosophy, Religion.


Biannual, two issues every year. Ready articles will continually be added to each current issue daily over a period of six months. The frequency may increase in the future.

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English, Spanish, and French. 

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Google, Bing, Google scholar, Microsoft Academic, CrossRef and more.

Recent Articles


Davou, SY; Egemba, OH; Kufre, I

A Probing Order for the Promotion of National Peace in the Contextual Analytical Structure of the Musical Piece “Oh Plateau”.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB   pp. 5-16


Davou, SY; Davou, DP

Burial Rites Among the Berom People: Focus on Gyel Traditional Burial System and Related Issues.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB   pp. 17-28


Bisalla, AM; Ibrahim, CF

Diversifying Nigeria’s Economy through Visual Arts for Sustainable Development.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP   pp. 1-4


Mutigwe E

The Panorama of Pentecostal Philosophy of Life: Its Relevance and Challenges in Contemporary Zimbabwe.

[Abstract]  [Full Article – PDF]  [Full Article – HTML]  [Full Article – EPUB]   pp. 1-9


SHEY Patrick Fonyuy, Ph.D

Conceptualising Inclusive Curriculum as a Multi-Dimensional and Highly Contextual Contraption for Inclusive Education

[Abstract]  [Full Article – PDF]  [Full Article – HTML]  [Full Article – EPUB]  [Post-review] pp. 01-11


FANGWI Melem Linda Ph.D

Traumatic Occurrences as a Trajectory for Structural and Functional Brain Disorders

[Abstract]  [Full Article – PDF]  [Full Article – HTML]  [Full Article – EPUB]  [Post-review] pp. 12-021


Aliyu Mohammed Bisalla

Linear Patterns and Motifs: AN Appraisal of Kambari Patterns and Motifs for Body Decoration

[Abstract]  [Full Article – PDF]  [Full Article – HTML] [Full Article – EPUB]  [Post-review] pp. 001-005