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Dec. 2013 Vol. 3(12)

Table of Contents: Dec. 2013; Vol. 3(12)

Research Articles


Hungwe Tinoziva, Mutisi Charles, Mugabe Prisca and Gwazani Rachel
Influence of Communal Area Grazing Management System on the Foraging Behaviour of Steers in a Semi-Arid Area of Zimbabwe 
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 787-793


Sarzamin Khan, Asad Sultan, Aaqil Muhammad, Naila Imtiaz, Muhammad Mobashar, Hamayun Khan, Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Inam and Rafiullah
Lower Illeal Microflora and Growth Performance of Broilers Supplemented with Organic Acid Blend (Aciflex®) During Starter Phase 
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 794-800


F.B Anjorin
Comparative Growth and Grain Yield Response of Five Maize Varieties to 
Nitrogen Fertilizer Application 

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 801-808


M. T. Mubvuma
Climate Change: Matching Growing Season Length with Maize Crop Varietal 
Life Cycles in Semi-Arid Regions of Zimbabwe  

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 809-816


Osewa S.O., O. Alamu, I.S. Adetiloye, M.R. Olubiyi and E.A. Abidogun
Use of some Neglected and Underutilized Plant Species among Rural Dwellers in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 817-822


Osewa S.O., O. Alamu, H.O. Okonkwo, I.S. Adetiloye and Ajayi D.A.
Occupational Hazards and Safety Practices of Cocoa Farmers in Obokun Local Government of Osun State  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 823-828


Osewa S.O., A.A. Adeniran, O. Alamu, M.R. Olubiyi, A. Adeloju
Perception of Rural Dwellers on the Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Moringa oleifera in Ido Local Government of Oyo State  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 829-835


Richa Tiwari, Sudhanshu Tiwari, P.P. Upadhyaya
Uncultured Bacterium Associated with Infection in Capsicum annuum in India  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 836-842


Dr. Karagiannis Stephanos, Dr. Riggas Anastasis
The Development, Nomination and Viability of Agrotourism in Greece, with the Contribution of Internet. A Field Research: The Case of Agrafa  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 843-848


Chika Wahua, Sele Mercy Olaleye
Comparative Taxonomic Studies on Solanum aethiopicum Linn. and Solanum nigrum Linn. (Solanaceae)  
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 849-854


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