Idrisa And Ogunbameru


Idrisa and Ogunbameru

Greener Journal of  Agricultural Sciences Vol. 2 (2),  March 2012.

  ISSN: 2276-7770

Analysis of the refresher training courses attended by extension workers in Borno State, Nigeria


Idrisa, Y.L.1*  and Ogunbameru, B.O.1


1Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.


* Corresponding Author’s Email: idrisaysf @, Phone: +2348030605207


This study analyzed the refresher training attended by extension workers in Borno State Agricultural Development Programme (BOSADP). One hundred and eighty (180) Village Extension Workers (VEWs) out of the 360 VEWs operating in the Zone were randomly selected for the study. Data were collected using structured questionnaire. Frequency counts, percentages and Chi-Square were used to analyze the data. It was found that majority of the respondents were over 30 years of age; 56.66% of the respondents had HND or B. Sc while 76% of them had more than 10 years working experience as extension workers. The study also revealed that more than half of the respondents who went on training had their training on crop subsector followed by 40.00% who had their training on the livestock subsector while only 13.33% of them had training in home economics. While 73.33% of the respondents went for training less than six times in the last five years, 71.67% of the respondents were able to deliver a maximum of 8 out of the 15 technologies tested. The educational qualification of respondents, the level of training they received and their working experience as extension workers were significant in influencing the competence of the respondents in terms of technology delivery to farmers. Lack of sponsorship to attend workshops/conferences and distance of training venues were the major constraints to the workshops/conference attendance by the respondents. It was therefore recommended that: Extension workers should be encouraged, to go for training using both the regular programme training and short courses/refresher courses; training of extension workers should cover all subsectors of agriculture; and the training venue should not be too far from the Village Extension Workers’ duty post.


Key Words: Training, Extension workers, Technologies, Competence, Training venue.

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