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Holistic Learning by Oye Nathaniel David 

This book provides an insight on Holistic E-Learning. This will be beneficial to students in tertiary institutions, government administrators and business managers etc. The question on how e-learning is transforming education, government, knowledge and business endeavor is properly thrashed out. The book also comprised some of the authors publications related to e-learning. It is hoped that the book will be useful to university administrators, Managers and ICT policy makers.

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Greenhouse Tomatoes by Dr. U. Mazarura 

It has never been this simple. With this revolutionary new handbook, you can learn everything you need to know about growing your own greenhouse tomatoes. The book helps you make all the important decisions about your greenhouse tomatoes project; whether you are a hobbyist or commercial grower. You will discover how to: (1) select the right tomato variety from a list of varieties grown by other growers internationally (2) Transplant seedlings (3) Pollinate, thin, train, and prune your greenhouse tomatoes (4) Fertigate (5) Budget for success (6) Troubleshoot manu greenhouse problems.This book is practical, user friendly and opens your link to Dr. Mazarura's farmer advisory mailing list.

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The Floating Tray System by Dr. U. mazarura

The purpose of this book is to describe how to use the floating tray system for the production of tobacco, tomato and pepper. This book documents a commercially validated methyl bromide alternative technology for raising tobacco seedlings, among other nursery crops in Africa. This technology has been developed through the concerted efforts of many stakeholders such as growers, Multilateral Fund funded projects of the Montreal Protocol, Implementing Agencies e.g. GTZ - Proklima, local universities, research institutions, manufacturers, researchers, production consultants, policy makers and UNEP Methyl Bromide Compliance Assistance Programme Officer for Africa, among others.We gave detailed practical information in a form that will allow a farmer to apply the method in raising seedlings. A farmer only interested in getting on with it, can skip Chapter 1. However, the first chapter explains the fundamentals behind the phasing out of methyl bromide, and lays down the foundation for understanding why our environment is at risk from use of this chemical.

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