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Editorial processes

Greener Journals will process each paper using the editorial steps below.

editorial process 

Step 1. Acknowledgment of the submitted article and issue of manuscript number to the corresponding author (within 24- 48 hrs.). The author is required to fill a consent form if the article was submitted as an email attachment rather than through our online submission form.

Step 2. A basic check of the article follows, where the editorial office checks the paper against the Authors guidelines, editorial policies and ethics policies. A plagiarism check will also be performed.

Step 3. An editor will also check the paper to evaluate the scientific knowledge convened and accuracy. Based on the outcome of this process, the paper is either accepted, required revision or rejected. If the paper is accepted, we will proceed to Step 5. If the editor requires more corrections, Step 4 will be necessary.

Step 4. The author is required to respond to revision requirements presented in Step 2 by revising the paper and submitting a revised copy.

Step 5. An acceptance letter, editor's evaluation form and plagiarism report is sent to the author and payment is required.

Step 6. After payment, the article will be proofread by our editorial office, and a gallery proof copy will be sent to the author for final approval, thereafter, the paper is published immediately in the current issue of the journal.

Step 7. A continuous post-publication evaluation process begins. Authors are to recommend reviewers for their publish articles. The public is also free to comment on the papers and more readers/evaluators are able to evaluate the paper. The comments of the public are visible to the anyone. The author is free to send an updated paper to replace the original copy at any time free of any charge.


1. Authors are responsible to recommend reviewers for the post-publication review process.

2. Papers will not be retracted after they have been published, however, if we receive a substantial complain about the paper from the public (regarding infringements or illegal contents), the author’s attention will be drawn to it before any decision of retraction may be made. We have the right to retract a paper for such reasons and no refund will be issued.

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