Okoth Et Al


Okoth et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (10), pp.
October 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 072413749


Role of

Community Capacity Building

Ensuring Sustainability
Food Security

Project: A Case of the Millennium Villages Project in
Bar Sauri, Gem- Kenya


*Okoth R.O., Prof. Odunga P.O., Dr. Oduke C.O.


Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of
Science and Technology, School of Business and



*Corresponding Author’s
Email: richardowino2005 @ yahoo.com


This study explored the functional role of community
capacity building in ensuring sustainability of Bar-Sauri
Millennium Villages Project beyond the five years funding
period. The study used descriptive survey research design,
an interview schedule and questionnaires to establish the
sustainability of tangible benefits of MVP. The
questionnaire was administered to 380 respondents selected
by simple random sampling. A response rate of 79% was
obtained. Descriptive statistical techniques were used to
present the findings. Data was analyzed using SPSS version
19. The findings indicate that there were trained community
leaders to help villagers understand the MVP goals however,
the residents of Bar-Sauri were not competent enough in
sustaining the MVP if the donor funding ends. The MVP has
introduced several sustainability interventions; most
effective strategy being financial literacy. From the study,
the following strategies for capacity building for new
projects similar to MVP were found out: Training in
marketing, involving the community in the conception stage
of the project and in the decision making stages concerning
the project, Training in farm management and post harvesting
practices such as storage, diversification of agricultural
activities, improvement of educational institutions in the
millennium village. The study recommended that further
research should be carried out in Bar-Sauri encompassing
other variables not included in this study. A similar
research should be conducted in other MVP sites in Africa:
That is Ruhiira in Uganda, Pampaida in Nigeria, Bonsaaso in
Ghana, Mwandana in Malawi. Studies that relate to the
effective implementation of programs and support policies
for MVPs in Kenya and Africa should be carried out. Studies
should cover strategies used by successful MVPs in
sustaining the project beyond the donor funded period to
scale up to other local, national and international food
security programs.
Keywords: Community capacity building,
sustainability, Millennium Villages Project, Food security

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