This study investigated the evaluation of physiochemical, sensory and microbial qualities of mixed fruits juice from blends of watermelon and lime fruits. from this study it can be concluded that the development of new products where two or more kinds of fruit juices are blended to obtain a new product

Smoothies with improved sensory characteristics and microbial quality were developed by blending watermelon-pineapple and sweet melon – cucumber. The fruits were sorted, washed thoroughly with clean water, peeled, sliced and diced into small cubes and blended. Smoothies from blends of watermelon – pineapple (WMP) and sweet melon – cucumber (SMC)

The effect of ethanol leaf extract of Grona triflora on castor oil induced diarrhea in albino mice was investigated. A total of twenty-five (25) male mice were used. It could be deduced from this study that ethanolic extract of Grona triflora was found to be effective against castor oil induced

Surface water bodies are vital resources that sustain ecosystems and serve as a primary source of drinking water and various domestic and industrial applications. In the Abuja Central Area, the quality of surface water is of paramount concern due to its direct relevance to public health and environmental integrity. This

This study investigated the potential virulent bacterial and fungi loads in Belgium clothes (okrika wears) sold in market areas of Enugu State. Eczema and contact dermatitis are the possible fungal diseases commonly contacted from Okrika wears. This study therefore suggests that sudden outbreak of Eczema and contact dermatitis could be

This research focuses on the analysis of phytochemical constituents and the evaluation of sedative potentials of Rauvolfia caffra. The phytochemical constituents as well as its sedative potentials and most medicinal values of Rauvolfia caffra were evaluated in this work using standard laboratory analytical techniques.

Disease resistance of inbred and novel intra-specific crossbred fingerlings of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in response to Aeromonas hydrophila challenge was assessed in fisheries and aquaculture research farms with the goal of assessing symptoms, survival and growth rate in fingerlings of novel inbred and crossbred genotypes of C. gariepinus, in

This study was conducted to examine the environmental effects of value addition of cassava processing in Etche local government area of Rivers state. This study recommends that cassava based farmers should be encouraged to form cooperative societies in order to pull their resources together. Also government should play an active

Identification of fungal pathogens associated with mango disease in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto was carried out in selected Areas of the University, with the aim to Isolate and identify the fungi associated with fruits, leaves and stem, and genotypically characterize the most significantly occurred fungal isolates by PCR assays.

The present study investigates the different Physicochemical parameters of 8 ponds water in the Jashore district to identify whether the water quality in the ponds is feasible for fish cultivation.