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Vol. 8(10), pp. 300-303, 2018

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Evaluation of Adaptability and Improvement of Tef [Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Varieties in Western Part of Ethiopia


Addisu, Dereje Jinfessa


Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Assosa Agricultural research Center, Plant Breeder.





Article No.: 102918052


DOI: 10.15580/GJAS.2018.10.102918052



Thirty six Tef varieties including local check were evaluated with the objective of Evaluation of Adaptability and Improvement of Tef [Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter] in Western Part of Ethiopia during 2016/17 G.C cropping season at Assosa Agricultural Research Center, Tongo and Begi sub-site; Benishangul Gumuz Regional Sate of Ethiopia.

This trials were put into trial at Assosa Agricultural Research on station,Tongo and Begi sub-site. The trial was conducted in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. The size of the plot was 1.2m x 2m with gap of 1m between plot and 1.5m between blocks. Various character data were collected such as days to heading, days to maturity, above ground biomass, grain yield, and plant height and panicle length. Data was subjected to analysis of variance and there was highly significant difference (p<0.01) among the varieties and other agronomic traits. The combined analysis of variance indicated that there were highly significant yield difference between the local check and the released Tef varieties over three locations. Tseday, Boset, Simada, Amarach and Lakech gave the highest grain yield; 1892.1, 1752.5, 1709.7, 1664.5, and 1653 kg/ha respectively. Therefore, based on objectively measured traits (days to heading, days to maturity, above ground biomass, grain yield, plant height and panicle length), Tseday and Boset were recommended for wider cultivation in three locations of western part of Ethiopia while varieties Simada, Amarach and Lakech, showed specific adaptability.


Submitted: 29/10/2018

Accepted:  10/11/2018

Published: 15/11/2018


*Corresponding Author

Addisu Dereje Jinfessa

E-mail: adisudereje2018@


Keywords:Tef; Agricultural research; Grain yield; agronomic traits




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Cite this Article: Addisu, D.J. (2018). Evaluation of Adaptability and Improvement of Tef [Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Varieties in Western Part of Ethiopia. Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8(10), 300-303, 


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