Cokkizginet Al


Cokkizgin et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (
2), pp.085-089,
February 2013

 ISSN: 2276-7770 






Determination of Relationships between Yield Components
in Bean by Using Path Coefficient Analysis


Cokkizgin, 2Mustafa Colkesen, 3Leyla

4Bahri Ozsisli and 5Umit


1Vocational School of Higher Edition in Nurdagi,
Gaziantep University, Nurdagi, Gaziantep 27840, Turkey

2,3,5The Department of Field Crop, Faculty of
Agriculture, Sutcu Imam University,

Kahramanmaras 46050,

Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Sutcu Imam University, 

Kahramanmaras 46050, Turkey


author: E-mail: acokkizgin @ 


This study was performed under three location conditions (Kahramanmaras-Center/Turkey,
Kahramanmaras-Goksun district/Turkey and Malatya-Darende
district/Turkey) in year 2008 with six common beans
genotypes (Gungor, Yakutiye-98, Aras-98, Onceler-98,
Goynuk-98 and a local genotype). The experiments were
carried out in order to determine the relationships between
seed yield and yield components. Direct and indirect effects
of the yield components on seed yield were found by using
Correlation and Path coefficient analysis. It was observed
that seed yield was significantly correlated with all traits
except plant height and 100-seed weight. On the other hand,
the relationship of seed yield per plant with branch number
per plant (r=0.78), pod length (r=0.51), seed number per pod
(r=0.57), seed weight per pod (r=0.87), pod number per plant
(r=0.90), seed number per plant (r=0.88), and seed yield per
plant (r=0.92), was positive while correlation of seed yield
per plant with first pod height (r=-0.79) was negative. Path
analysis depicted that seed number per plant had positive
and highest-direct effect (p=2.3274) on the seed yield while
seed weight per plant had negative and highest-direct effect
(p=-0.9575) on the seed yield.
Key words: Common Bean, path coefficient,
correlation, yield, yield components.


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