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Kareem and Adio

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 9(2), pp. 215-221, 2019

ISSN: 2276-7770

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of Mycorrhiza, Fertilizer and Watering Regime on the Growth and Development of Mansonia altissima A CHEV. Seedlings


Kareem A.A.;
Adio A.F.


Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria,
Jericho, Ibadan, P M B 5054 Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria.






Type: Research




A greenhouse investigation
was conducted to determine the effect of Arbuscular mycorrhiza, N. P. K
fertilizer and moisture supply on Mansonia
seedlings. The experiment was 3x3x3 factorial experiment in
completely randomized design with each of factor has 3 levels and was
replicated 5 times. Application of arbscular mycorriza does not have
significant effect on growth parameters assessed, while  N. P. K fertilizer and moisture supply had
significant differences at (p<0.05) on seedling height, collar diameter and
leaf production. Seedlings treated to 1g of fertilizer had the highest
seedlings height mean value of 17.34cm, collar diameter of 3.63mm and leaf
count of 8 while control had the least value of seedlings height, collar
diameter and leaf production with 14.80cm, 3.02mm and 7 leaves respectively.
Seedlings watered at pot capacity on daily basis had the highest seedling
height and collar diameter of 16.99cm and 3.52mm respectively. Response
observed in the present investigation revealed that more research work can be
carried out to ascertain the appropriate arbuscular mycorrhiza to be used on
the species based on compatibility.


Submitted: 28/04/2019

Accepted:  01/05/2019






kareemakeem2014@ gmail.com




mycorrhiza, greenhouse, fertilizer,
compatibility and Mansonia altissima



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Cite this Article: Kareem AA; Adio AF (2019). Effect of Mycorrhiza,
Fertilizer and Watering Regime on the Growth and Development of Mansonia altissima A CHEV. Seedlings.
Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences 9(2): 215-221,

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