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Akinlade et al

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assessment of different forms of Piliostigma
leaves in West Africa Dwarf Sheep diet



Akinlade J.A.1;
Fabule S.A.1; Alalade J.A.2; Asaolu V.O.1; Aderinola
O.A.1; Okunlola O.O.2



1Department of Animal
Production and Health, Ladoke  Akintola
University of Technology

PMB 4000, Ogbomoso, Nigeria

of Animal Health and Production, Oyo State College of Agriculture and

P.M.B. 10, Igbo Ora.Oyo State.







Type: Research



Small ruminants
are relatively easier to manage and produce than other species of livestock.
An experiment was carried out to investigate the performance and nutrient
digestibility of West African dwarf growing sheep fed mixture of Panicum maximum and different forms of
Piliostigma thonningii for 60 days
feeding trial. A total of twenty (20)
WAD sheep were randomly allocated to four treatments (T1= P. maximum (PM) 100%;
T2= 70% P. maximum (PM) + 30% fresh Piliostigma thonningii;
T3= 70% P. maximum (PM) + 30% wilted Piliostigma thonningii ;
T4= 70% P. maximum (PM) + 30% dried Piliostigma thonningii )
with five animals per treatment. The experimental diet was fed at 3%
body weight of individual animals. The results revealed that animals fed T2
recorded the least weight gain (75.13g/day) while the highest weight gain
(77.21g/day) was recorded for T4. The daily weight gain of animals were
significantly different across all treatments (P<0.05). The forms of PT
leaves had effect on dry matter (DM) and nutrient compositions. DM and NDF
were higher (P<0.05) in the dry PT leaves. Mean crude protein (CP) was
similar in the fresh (10.79±1.80), wilted (10.74± 0.9) and dry forms
(10.26±1.20).  Higher value of (620.90±
2.10) neutral detergent fibre (NDF) was obtained for dry leaves and the least
value (532.71±1.62) was obtained for the fresh leaves. Mineral contents was
reduced in the dry form while the anti-nutrients except for the oxalate was
significantly (P<0.05) reduced in the dry form of PT. Results suggest that
feed intake, weight change and nutrient digestibility can be improved by
feeding of PT leaves to sheep in the dry form, and that the drying reduced
most of the secondary metabolites of PT leaves. Further studies is however
recommended to determine whether further higher supplementation  levels for all forms of  PT leaves 
is necessary for optimum utilization as the dry season feed supplement
for sheep.


Accepted:  28/05/2019

Published: 25/04/2020




akinslautech@ yahoo.com



Keywords: Piliostigma
thonningii; digestibility; anti-nutrients; supplementation




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Cite this Article: Akinlade JA; Fabule SA; Alalade JA; Asaolu
VO; Aderinola OA; Okunlola OO (2020). Nutritive assessment of different forms
of Piliostigma thonningii leaves in
West Africa Dwarf Sheep diet. Greener
Journal of Agricultural Sciences
10(2): 63-70.


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