Babalola And Akinoso


Babalola and Akinoso

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 5 (4), pp. 122-131, July 2015.

 ISSN: 2276-7770  

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 122912349



Energy Utilization and Conservation Approach in Cashew Nut Mill


Babalola, J.O.1 and Akinoso, A.2


1The Polytechnic Ibadan, Department of Food Science and Technology

2University of Ibadan, Department Food Technology


Corresponding Author’s Email: txy23m@ yahoo. com


Food processing industries relies on energy to carry out the desired operations and to obtain high processing efficiencies in conversion processes that create new forms of foods. This research work was carried out using OLAM Nigeria Limited in Oyo state, Nigeria as a case study, to examine different unit operations and various patterns of energy consumption in cashew nut processing. The relationship between the energy consumption and production capacity was analyzed to compute installed capacity (P), production (Pr), percentage production capacity utilization (PPCU), energy (En) and energy intensity (EI), using standard equations. Energy wastage was identified and technical measures for improving energy efficiency were suggested. The result obtained from analysis showed that installed capacity and production were 12 million and 6 million per annum respectively. While the percentage production capacity utilization, energy intensity, energy utilized from electricity, thermal energy from either diesel or cashew nut shells (CNS), manual energy supplied by male and female were 50%, 2.08MJ, 3.10MJ (0.15%), 418.36MJ (20.12%), 573.79MJ (27.59%), 74.85MJ (3.59%), and 1009.84MJ (48.56%), respectively. The different between the total energy utilized from comparative analysis before and after conserved energy were 150,155.32MJ and 2,079.67MJ respectively. It was recommended that the locally fabricated brick mud heating mantle with an enclosed chamber over a suitable grate with a proper opening for primary and secondary  channel to generate maximum heat transferred to the steam boiler and the trays for drying kernels should be work on to reduce heat loss and conserved energy.


Key Words: cashew nut, processing, energy intensity, energy wastage, energy savings.

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