Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
7), pp.316-322,

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



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Influence of Gypsum application on Wheat (Triticum
) yield and Components on Saline and
Alkaline Soils of Tigray region, Ethiopia

Bello W.B.


Department of Agricultural Technology, Oyo State College
of Agriculture, P.M.B. 10, Igbo-Ora Oyo State

Email: waswarith @


Green house trials were conducted at Mekelle University main
Campus, Tigray region, Ethiopia, during the early season of
the year 2008. The research aimed at investigating the
influence of different rate of gypsum effects on the yield
and components of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) on saline soil.
Wheat seeds were grown in pots with different levels of
gypsum concentration (0, 50,100 and 150kg/pot) and irrigated
with the same quantity of water. Base line soil analysis
results shows that the soil is salty, heavy clay structure
and high EC value confirming its salinity. A complete
randomized design with three replicates was used. Data were
analyzed for variance and LSD at 5% level of significance.
Results showed that gypsum application significantly
enhanced all parameters taken. Result indicated that the use
of 100kg/pot responded better at early stage while 50kg/pot
improved yield and growth latter. The use of 50kg/pot
enhanced the crop performance in all characters considered
with the least result from the control. The significant
effect on germination percentage, root-dry weight, fresh
weight, days to heading of plant and plant height confirmed
that the use of gypsum on saline soils is a better option
for improving productivity on alkaline soils. A better
response of 100kg/pot at early stage and 50kg/pot latter
indicates that salinity effect reduces with time. However,
for proper recommendation and improvement of significance,
there is need to re-investigate the experiment on the field
and calibrate with green house result with proper
irrigation, drainage and leaching to minimize salt
accumulation in the root zone and improve nutrient uptake.

Keywords: Gypsum, Wheat, Yield and Components,
Saline, Alkaline, Sodium, Calcium and Sulfur.

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