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Chiroma et al

Greener Journal of
Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 11(2), pp. 80-89, 2021

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Impact of
Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP) on the Livelihood of
Maize Farmers in Western Agricultural Zone of Bauchi State, Nigeria: 2009 –



Ibrahim Audu; TARKI, Sadik Kubmuto; BAKO, Bulus Danladi; SHIRAMA, Lawan



Department of Agricultural Economics and
Extension, Federal University of Kashere, Gombe State-Nigeria.






Article No.: 051121046

Type: Research



The study was conducted to study the impact
of Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP) on the livelihood
of Maize Farmers in Western Agricultural Zone of Bauchi State, Nigeria: 2009
– 2015.The objectives of the study were to: describe the socio-economic
characteristics of respondents, determine type of technology received/adopted
by respondents and examine the impact(s) of maize technology adopted by the
respondents over the years. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to
collect primary data with the aid of a structured questionnaire. Results
obtained showed that 63.9% of respondents in the study area are in their
prime stage of production and majority (79.1%) of the respondents had one
form of western education. It also revealed that 65.8% of the respondents
receive their major extension services from BSADP. Impact was made on
farmers at various significant levels of 0.05, 0.01 and 0.000. Highest
impacts were on house type, means of transport type, communication means
type, herbicide use and ownership of knapsack at a significant level of
P<0.001. The study concluded that BSADP had made Impact in the livelihood
of maize farmers in western agricultural zone of Bauchi State. Extension
providers should encourage farmers to keep records since most of them can
read and write, this will not only help the farmers but extension system as
a whole. BSADP through its EAs; should uphold its good work in the study
area and build cordial relationship with the farmers. Government and donor
agencies should keep on supporting Bauchi State Agricultural Development
Programme (BSADP).


Accepted:  13/05/2021

Published: 29/06/2021


*Corresponding Author

CHIROMA, Ibrahim Audu

E-mail: buabudam@

Phone: +2348066950067



impact; BSADP; livelihood; maize farmers.










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Cite this Article: Chiroma, IA; Tarki, SK; Bako, BD; Shirama, L
(2021). Impact of Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme (BSADP) on
the Livelihood of Maize Farmers in Western Agricultural Zone of Bauchi State,
Nigeria: 2009 – 2015. Greener Journal
of Agricultural Sciences
11(2): 80-89.


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