Culver Et Al

Culver et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
pp. 207-211,



 ISSN: 2276-7770 





Effect of Moringa Extract on Growth and Yield of Tomato


Mvumi Culver1, Tagwira Fanuel1and
Albert Z. Chiteka1.


University, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, P.
O. Box 1320, Mutare, Zimbabwe


Corresponding Author’s Email: culmvi @ yahoo. com


Trials were
carried out to evaluate the effect of Moringa oleifera
leaf extract as a growth hormone on growth and yield of
tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L var. Rodade).
 In the greenhouse, five treatments were used: the control,
where only water was added (M0), second control where
ethanol 80 % was added (ME), moringa extract applied once at
2 weeks from emergence (M1), moringa extract applied at 2
and 4 weeks from emergence (M2), and moringa extract applied
every 2 weeks to maturity, starting from two weeks from
germination (M3).The same treatments were adopted in the
field except the ME which was considered unnecessary after
observing the results of the greenhouse experiment. Results
showed that moringa extract increased growth and yield of
tomato in both greenhouse and field. Moringa extract
significantly increased above ground dry matter yield (DM),
root dry matter weight and plant height for the crop. Yields
obtained at MI, M2 and M3 were increasing in ascending order
from M1. The study recommends the application of extract at
Keywords: Moringa oleifera leaf extract,
growth hormone, tomato 

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