Etchu Et Al


Etchu et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
6), pp.



 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 08271254


Effect of Varying Levels of Brewer’s Dried Grain on the
Growth Performance of Weaner Rabbits (Oryctolagus


K.A. Etchu1*, M.E. Humbu2, K.J.N.
Ndamukong2 and

E.B. Agbor2


Research Center, IRAD, Ekona, Box 25, BUEA – Cameroon.

2Department of Zoology and Animal Physiology, University of
Buea, Box 63, BUEA – Cameroon.


*Corresponding Author’s email : etchukingsely




Rabbit production in Cameroon like other
countries in the Central African Region is timid and is
partly caused by inadequate knowledge of feed ingredients as
well as feeding and other management techniques. This study
evaluates the effect of partial substitution of sun-dried
brewer’s grain (SDBG) with palm kernel cake (PKC) on the
growth performance and digestibility in weaner rabbits. The
substitution levels were: 0% SDBG, 25% SDBG, 50% SDBG and
75% SDBG respectively representing T
1, T2,
3and T4.Twenty weaner rabbits (Oryctolagus
) were used for the study. After balancing for
weight, the animals were randomly and equally assigned to
four dietary treatments. Each dietary treatment had five
rabbits. The rabbits for each treatment were housed
together. The animals were fed for 9 weeks on the test diets
and supplemented with potato (
Ipomea balatas) vines.
The test diets and water were given ad libitum. During the
seventh week, faecal samples were collected for three days
and sun-dried. AOAC 1990 version was used for the proximate
analyses while SPSS was used for the statistical analysis.
Nutrient digestibility was calculated using percentage
nutrient in the ingredients and the results from proximate
analyses of the diets and faecal samples. No mortality was
recorded. Feed intake, feed conversion ratio and cost of the
diets increased with increase levels of SDBG but weight
gain, growth rate and feed efficiency were the reverse.
There was a significant difference (P<0.05) in feed intake,
weight gain, daily growth rate, feed conversion ratio and
feed efficiency between the different treatments. Excluding
the control (T
1), T2(25% SDBG and 75
% PKC) showed the best performance and the highest TDN
(6.99%). The results indicate that SDBG meal could replace
25% of PKC meal in the diet of weaner rabbits.


KeyWords: Rabbit, Brewer’s Dry Grain,
Palm kernel Cake, Sweet potato, Nutrient digestibility.

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