Hamza Et Al


Hamza et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (7), pp.

557-562, July 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 061013662


Heritability Estimate for
Fruit Traits in Date Palm
Crosses (Phoenix
dactylifera L


*1Hamza A.M., 2Ado S.G., 2Usman
1Ataga C.D.,

Odewale J.O., and


Breeding Division, Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm
Research (NIFOR).
P.M.B.1030 300001, Benin City, 

Edo State,

 2Department of plant sciences, I.A.R., A.B.U,
Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: abdulnifort @ yahoo.com


Date palm progress derived from 60 crosses replicated twice,
subjected to analysis of variance using nested design for
the purpose of estimating fulsibs, broad sense and narrow
sense heritability’s, genetic advance and genetic advance as
percentage mean for the eight fruit traits. Positive
estimates were recorded for fulsibs heritability for the
traits. Broad sense heritability for the traits was high.
Narrow sense estimates were low and negative indicating that
the estimates were not different from zero or they were very
small. Heritability indicates the effectiveness with which
selection of genotype can be based on phenotypic
performance, though it does not provide any indication of
the amount of genetic progress that will result from
selecting the best individuals. The relatively high
estimates obtained for broad sense and medium estimates for
fulsibs heritability suggest that variation in these traits
may be attributed to a high degree of additive gene action
and selection for these traits would therefore be effective
and thus shows that the traits are under strong genetic
control. Broad sense heritability estimate for any one trait
is useful when high genetic advance in that trait is
feasible, because high heritability coupled with high
genetic advance is the true index for effective selection.
It was necessary that expected genetic advance be estimated
to know what level of improvement can be expected from
selection of each of the characters examined. Pollen source
has strong influence on fruits and seed characters of date
palm. Among the palms used for this study, male 1R12 GPIII;
6R3 GPIII and 1R7 NCRP performed better than the rest. Mass,
recurrent and backcross selection are recommended for
further breeding programs in development of date palms in
Keywords: Fulsibs heritability, Broad sense
heritability, Narrow sense heritability, expected genetic
advance and fruits traits.

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