Herviyanti Et Al


Herviyanti et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
8), pp.351-361,

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number:102412134


Potency of Na-Humate from Subbituminous and how to do
Incubation with Fosfor-Fertilizer to Increase Upland
Rice Production at Acidic Mineral Soil


Herviyanti, Teguh. B. P., Mimien H., Amrizal S. and
Ismon L.


1Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture,
University Andalas Limau Manis, Padang, West Sumatera,
Indonesian, 25163.

2Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian (BPTP) West
Sumatera Province.

*Corresponding Author’s Email: herviyanti64 @ yahoo.com,
Phone Number: (+751) 7050816 +8126639915


This research was purposed to study the ability of Na-humate
from subbituminous combined with P-fertilizer and the way of
incubation to control metals Al, soil fertility improvement
and productivity of acidic minerals soil (Ultisol), so that
the use of fertilizer could be saved and the optimal
production of upland rice can be achieved. The experiment
was designed using a 3 x 4 factorial with 3 replications in
randomly groups design. The 1st factor was 3 ways of
incubating Na-humate with P-fertilizer which are : I1 =
Incubation of Na-humate 1 week, then incubation P-fertilizer
1 week; I2 = Incubation of Na-humate and P fertilizer
directly into the soil for 2 weeks; and I3 = Na-humate and P
fertilizer mixed for 1 week, then incubation to the soil for
1 week. The 2nd factor was Na-humate and P-fertilizer
combination which are 4 doses H1 = 400 ppm (0.8 Mg/ha) +
100% R; H2 = 400 ppm + 75% R; H3 = 800 ppm (1.6 Mg/ha) +
100% R,; and H4 = 800 ppm + 75% R. The results showed that
the best treatment interaction was founded to be 800 ppm Na-humate
and 100% R P-fertilizer doses in I3 way incubation that is
equal to 5.58 Mg/ha rice yield. However, this result is
almost the same as 800 ppm Na-humate + 75% R P-fertilizer
doses followed in I3 way incubation too. It was concluded
that addition of Na-humate could save P-fertilizer up to

Keywords: Na-Humate, Subbituminous, P-Fertilizer,
Upland Rice, Acidic mineral soil.

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