Inayat Et Al


Inayat et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
7), pp.



 ISSN: 2276-7770 



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Role of
Agriculture Inputs through NRM Interventions for the
Socio Economic Development of the Poor Rural Communities
of District Karak under Srsp-Bacha Khan Poverty
Alleviation Programme


Inayat Khattak, Shahida Naveed2*,
Muhammad Sajid Khattak3 and Tahir Farid4


1NRM Coordinator Bacha Khan
Poverty Alleviation Programme Srsp Karak

2Phd Scholar Botany
Department University of Peshawar

3Phd Scholar Center of
Basic Studies Islamabad

4Master in Sociology Kohat
University of Science and Technology


*Corresponding Author’s Email .Shahidanaveed @ Live.Com


The present study was specially designed to
analyze the impact of NRM (natural resource management)
interventions made during three years (2009-2012) of the
BKPAP project tenure. The main objective of the research was
to appraise the role of NRM section in the sustainable
development of agriculture inthe Karak district. The
prominent NRM interventions were, the raising of
demonstration and research plots, distribution of improved
seeds and fertilizer to the farmers, agro base training like
agriculture extension worker training, livestock extension
worker training, poultry extension worker training, Income
generating training including food preservation training,
quill farming, and olive plants distribution and de-worming
and vaccination campaigns. A sample of 60 respondents was
selected through non probability sampling techniques from
six union councils of the project area. The data was
collected from male and female, literate and illiterate. The
study showed encouraging result for the role of NRM section
and impacts of its intervention in the Karak district. Most
of the respondents were optimistic about the role of NRM
section and reported its remarkable influence for the
sustainable agricultural development in rural areas. A
visible improvement and increased crop production in yield
like groundnut, millets, sunflower, okra, cotton and olive
was observed. Farmers were also made aware about the
de-worming and vaccination and in the use of balanced feed
to livestock and poultry that resulted in increased
production of both livestock and poultry and its products.
Keywords: Agriculture Inputs, NRM Interventions,
Rural Development, Poverty Alleviation

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