Iroko Et Al


Iroko et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
8), pp.386-391,

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number:110112198


Comparative studies on Seed Germination and Growth
Performances of Irvingia wombolu (Millbr) Seedlings from
Different Provenances


Iroko, O.A, Asinwa, I.O, Kareem A.A and Kazeem I.F



Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, P.M.B, 5054.
Jericho, Ibadan

Corresponding Author’s Email: asinwaisrael @,
Tel: +2348056953507


Provenance variations among the seedlings of Irvingia
wombulu from four sources in South-west of Nigeria were
studied in the nursery. Matured fruit were collected from
the four sources and quantitative character such as Fruit
length, breadth, weight, and volume were measured from
samples of the fruits. Germination and seedling growth were
assessed. The seedlings were assessed fortnightly for total
height, collar diameter leaf production and total biomass
for twelve weeks. The data were subjected to analysis of
variance. Fruits from Owena had the highest value of length
(5.3cm); Diameters (3.4cm) and weight (19.3g). The fruit
from Ishara source had the lowest values for all the fruit
traits measured (4.2cm; 2.9cm; and 15.1gm) for fruit height,
diameter, and weight respectively. Percentage germination as
well as rate of germination varied among the sources with
owena having 80%, Isara 18.7%, Uba 87.5%, and Jaja 84.4%].
Analysis of Variance revealed significant difference among
the seedling from the four sources (P< 0.05). Seedling from
owena had the highest height of 29.2cm and mean number of
leaves of 10.5. The highest diameter 16.10cm was recorded
among seedling from Uba. Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Net
Assimilation Rate (NAR) and root/shoot ratios also varied
among the sources. The results suggest mass selection of the
species for effective genetic improvement.

Keywords: Provenance, Variation, Seedlings,
Improvement, Irvingia wombulu.

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