Khanet Al


Khan et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (12), pp.
December 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 102913935


Lower Illeal Microflora and Growth Performance of Broilers
Supplemented with Organic Acid Blend (Aciflex®) During
Starter Phase


*Sarzamin Khan, Asad Sultan, Aaqil Muhammad,

Naila Imtiaz, Muhammad Mobashar, Hamayun Khan,

Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Inam and Rafiullah


Department of Poultry Science, the University of
Agriculture, Peshawar-Pakistan.


*Corresponding Author’s Email:

dr.zaminaup @


Organic acids can be replaced as effective feed additives
with antibiotics. Organic acids and their salts have the
potential to retard the development of pathogens in the
diets and thus maintain the microbial equilibrium in the
gastrointestinal tract. In this study, 225 day-old broiler
chicks were used for a period of 21 days in order to examine
the effect of different levels of organic acids (OA) on
performance of broiler. The following parameters: feed
intake, water consumption, weight gain, feed conversion
ratio (FCR), total Salmonella and E. coli count, weight of
visceral organs and length of intestine were studied during
starter phase. The experimental chicks were divided into
five groups (n=5, 15 birds/replicate). The chicks in control
group OA-0 were offered clean drinking water having no
organic acid while those in group OA-1, OA-1.5 and OA-2 were
given 1, 1.5 and 2ml of organic acid blend. Each litter of
drinking water contained citric acid 80g, lactic acid 52g,
phosphorous 92g, copper sulphate 10g, respectively. Organic
acid (2ml/L) supplementation significantly (p<0.05)
increased feed intake (405.37g), weight gain (218g), FCR
(1.42), weight of liver (0.02g) and gizzard (0.03g).
Similarly in group OA-2 organic acid supplementation
significantly decreased (p<0.05) the total salmonella
(1.6×107) and E. coli (1.7x107logCFU/g) count in intestinal
contents. From present findings it was concluded that
organic acid supplementation at level of @ 2ml/L in drinking
water had beneficial effect on broiler performance and also
decreased the colonization of intestinal bacterial counts.
Keywords: Organic acid, broilers, growth performance,

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