Koloche Et Al


Koloche et al

Journal of Agricultural Sciences,
 Vol. 6 (1),
001-009, January

ISSN: 2276-7770  

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 010416001


(DOI http://doi.org/10.15580/GJAS.2016.1.010416001)


Socio-Economic Characteristics and Constraints
Associated With the Adoption of the Improved Shea Nut Processing Technologies
in Niger State, Nigeria


      Koloche I.M.1*, Olaleye R.S.1, Adeniji
O.B.2, Yahaya S.A.1

Umar S.I.M.2, Tsado J.H.2


1Nigerian Institute for Oil palm Research (NIFOR), Shea Tree
Research Substation, Bida-Niger state, Nigeria.

of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Federal University of Technology,
Minna, Nigeria.



The objectives of this paper were to assess the socio-economic
characteristics and constraints associated with the adoption of the improved
Shea nut processing technologies in Niger State, Nigeria. The result of
socio-economic characteristics of the Shea nut processors shows that majority
(60.00%) were between the age range of 41 – 50 years and the average of age
Shea nut processors in the study area was 42.07. The result also revealed that
all (100%) of the processors were female processors. The result revealed that
all (100%) of the processors adopted the use of bare hand. The result indicated
that all (100.00%) of the processors used room /stores floors for the storage
of Shea butter. The result revealed that membership of cooperative (X9)
marital status (X5) and extension contact (X8) were
significant at 1% level of significance and had positive relationship with the
level of adoption of improved Shea nut processing technologies. The result also
revealed that age, processing experience and membership of association were
related to adoption and statistically significant at 5% level of probability
among the selected socio-economic characteristics. The result also show that
age (X1) was negatively significant at 0.05% probability levels with
adoption of improved Shea nut processing technologies. It is recommended that
organized big term marketers in the Shea industry should form, organize more
associations and trainings of pickers/collectors, processors and marketers’ of
Shea nut at the grass roots for optimal utilization of its value chains and
income generation.


Keywords: Shea nut, Socio
economic, Technologies, Processing, Adoption.

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