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Makanju et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 11(2), pp. 108-113, 2021

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Haematology and
Serum biochemistry of broilers fed diets containing cassava peels and cassava
leaf meal



1Makanju T.D.; 2Abu O.A.; 3Olaleru,
I.F.; 1Amusa, H.O.



1Oyo State College of Agriculture and
Technology, Igboora, Oyo state.

2Department of Animal Science, University of
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

3Faming Systems Research Program, National
Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike, Abia State. Nigeria






Article No.: 071221065

Type: Research



A 7 weeks feeding
trial was conducted in a completely randomized design to evaluate the
haematological parameters and serum biochemistry parameters of 7-day old
Abor-acre broiler chicks fed with different diets containing cassava peels
and cassava leaf meal. The birds were assigned to four dietary treatments
with three replicates and 15 birds per replicate. The birds in the control
treatment (Treatment 1) were fed diets that did not contain cassava peel or
cassava leaf meal, birds in treatment 2 were fed with diets containing
cassava peel to replace maize by 20% and cassava leaf meal to replace soya
bean meal by 20%, birds in treatment 3 were fed diets containings cassava
leaves to replace soya bean meal by 20% and birds in treatment 4 were fed
diets containing cassava peel to replace maize by 20%. The chicks were mass
brooded at day old and fed with commercial broiler starter feed for one week
before being randomly allotted to various dietary treatments. The birds were
fed the experimental starter diet for 3 weeks and the experimental finisher
diets for 4 weeks.

With the
exception of lymphocytes and neutrophils, there was no significant
differences (p>0.05) in the haematological parameters across the dietary
treatments. All the serum biochemistry parameters were not significantly
different (p>0.05) across the dietary treatments.


Accepted:  15/07/2021

Published: 31/07/2021


*Corresponding Author

Tomilola Makanju

E-mail: okeoluwatomilola@;

Phone: +2348066639150



cassava peels; cassava leaves; broiler; haematology; serum











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Haematology and Serum biochemistry of broilers fed diets containing cassava
peels and cassava leaf meal. Greener
Journal of Agricultural Sciences
11(2): 108-113.


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