Mohammed Et Al


Mohammed et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (
1), pp.068-072,
January 2013

 ISSN: 2276-7770 






of Poultry Egg Marketing in Kuje Area Council
Municipality of F.C.T Abuja, Nigeria


*A.B. Mohammed, S.A. Mohammed, A.F. Ayanlere and O.K.                Afolabi


Kabba College of Agriculture, Ahmadu
Bello University Kabba Kogi State, Nigeria


*Corresponding Author E-mail:
bashraj25 @


The study was carried out on the Economic analysis of
Poultry egg marketing in Kuje Area Council Municipality of
Abuja. The Primary Data Used Were Obtained Using Structural
Questionnaires administered to 40 egg marketers in the study
area. Descriptive Statistics, Marketing Margin Analysis and
Gross-Margin were used to analyze the data. The result
showed that 95% of the marketers were between 21-50 years,
95.5% were married, and male70% dominated egg marketing. All
the marketers 100%had primary education, 87.5% had over five
years of experience in egg marketing. Egg marketing in the
study area was profitable with about ₦37,500 per month and
had a marketing margin of 20% and a return to investment of
₦0.25 on every naira problems of price fluctuation and
transportation were identified as the major constraint
facing marketers in the study area.
Key Words: Egg marketing, cost, Returns, Evaluation,
marketing margin Constraint, Kuje


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