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Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (3), pp. 199-203, March 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 






Assessing the Effect of Adequate and Inadequate
Inorganic Fertilizer Rates on the Yield Levels of
Paprika in Mutasa Resettlement Area, Manicaland
Province, Zimbabwe


Culver Mvumi


Ministry of Agriculture, Agritex Department, P. O. Box
146, Mutare, Zimbabwe.



culmvi @


A survey was carried out to evaluate the effect of adequate
and inadequate inorganic fertilizer rates on the yield of
Paprika (Capsicum annuum var. angulosum mill) in Mutasa
resettlement area, Mutasa district. Questionnaires and
interviews were used to produce primary data from 42
respondents in 2009. Secondary data was obtained mainly from
Agricultural Technical and Extension Services (AGRITEX) and
Paprika Company of Zimbabwe. Mean yields of paprika obtained
from adequate and inadequate basal and top dressing
fertilisers were compared and analysed using ‘Z’ statistical
test at 0.05 level of significance. Mean yield from
inadequate fertilizer rates of 30 farmers was 0.8 t/ha. The
mean yield from adequate fertilizer rates of 12 farmers was
1.0t/ha. Results showed that the two means were
significantly different. Adequate fertiliser rates produced
significantly higher mean yield than the mean yield from
inadequate fertiliser rates. The higher mean yield was
enhanced by the highest number of (5) top dressing split
applications. The study therefore recommends the use of
adequate rates of 700 – 1 000 kg/ha basal fertilizer, 250 –
350 kg/ha ammonium nitrate (AN) and 350 – 400 kg/ha of
potassium chloride. The top dressing has to involve 5 split
applications. This exploits its high fruit yielding
potential. Additional research is required to determine
response of the crop, as a high value crop, to foliar and
fertigation fertiliser application.
Keywords: Paprika, adequate/ inadequate fertilizer,

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