Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (3), pp.
193-198, March 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 





Assessing the Effects of Conservation Agriculture on
Maize Yield in Nyakatsapa, Mutasa District, Manicaland
Province: Implications on Extension Advice to Farmers in
Promoting the Agriculture




Ministry of
Agriculture, P. O. Box 146, Mutare, Zimbabwe


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The study assessed the effects of conservation agriculture
on maize yield in Nyakatsapa, Mutasa district. 20 ca
farmers, 20 farmers doing conventional farming system and
area AEW were used as research subjects in 2011/2012 farming
season. Questionnaires and interviews were used as research
instruments. Mean yields under ca and conventional tillage
were compared and analysed using ‘Z’ statistical test at
0.025level of significance. Results showed that maize mean
yield from ca was significantly higher than the mean yield
from conventional system. Hectare of all ca farmers
increased from 40.5ha in 2009/2010 to 100ha in 2011/2012
season. Yield in 2009/2010 was 1 t/ha but rose to 2.3t/ha by
2011/2012 season. Agritex, ZFU and NGO provided extension
service to Nyakatsapa ca farmers. Agritex provided every
type of extension. ZFU and NGO did not conduct any field
days on ca. Extension records revealed that (15/20) was
attendance on field days and (19/20) on field
demonstrations. Results revealed that fertilizer and seed
were the main inputs given. The study therefore, recommends
that farmers in Nyakatsapa use conservation agriculture
which produces higher yields than conventional system in
maize production. Soil, nutrients and moisture are
Keywords: Conservation agriculture, conventional
agriculture, extension

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