Obiora And Emodi


Obiora and Emodi

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (6), pp.
511-517, June 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 © 2011 Greener Journals



Manuscript Number: 061013660


Restructuring the

Agricultural Extension Service for Effective
Agricultural Transformation
Agenda in Nigeria


Obiora C. J.1* and Emodi A. I. 2


of Agricultural Extension, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
2Department of Agricultural Economics and
Extension, University of Port Harcourt.


*Corresponding Author’s Email:

chyjoy_obiora @ yahoo. com


The Agricultural Transformation Agenda is all about
enhancing capacity for agricultural commodity value chains
leading to industrialization and employment creation, food
security, infrastructure investments, private sector
leadership, supportive fiscal policies and accessible market
information systems to the farmers. Poor funding and absence
of a well-defined agricultural extension policy among others
will constitute a challenge for extension as she delivers in
the transformation agenda. True commitment by the government
to the newly established Federal Department of Agricultural
Extension (FDAE) and proper funding of the Nigerian
extension service could be employed as strategies for
restructuring extension service in the on-going ATA. For a
true and sustainable agricultural transformation in Nigeria,
the following recommendations are made: (1) the Federal
Government must be honest with the transformation agenda by
being supportive and giving the newly established Federal
Department of Agricultural Extension (FDAE) free hand to
oversee, monitor and provide the leadership needed for an
efficient and effective agricultural extension and advisory
service delivery in Nigeria; (2) relevant bodies should
review the agricultural extension policies within the
subsisting agricultural policies and recommend appropriate
policies that will ensure the effective participation of all
stakeholders in a stable policy environment.
Keywords: Agriculture, agricultural extension,
agricultural transformation agenda, restructuring, Nigeria.

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