Olarotimi Et Al


Olarotimi et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 5 (4), pp. 141-148, July 2015.

 ISSN: 2276-7770  

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 070715086

(DOI http://doi.org/10.15580/GJAS.2015.4.070715086)


Determination of Daily Sperm Production (DSP) in Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Bucks using Testicular Parameters


Olarotimi, Olumuyiwa Joseph1,2 , Sokunbi Olujide Adedamola2, Abdullah  Abdur-Rahman3


1Livestock Feeds Plc, P.M.B. 7119, Aba; Abia State, Nigeria

2Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, jide.sokunbi @ gmail.com,


3Department of Animal Science, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria, arabdullah2002 @ yahoo.co.uk, +234803-536-3338,


*Corresponding author: +234803-565-0055, joemuyi @ gmail.com


The study investigated the breeding soundness of male rabbits using daily sperm production (DSP). The relationships between different testicular parameters and the DSP were investigated. A total of twenty (20) pubertal bucks with mean body weights of 1.71±0.03 kg ranging from 1.66 to 1.95 kg were used. The DSP was estimated using the homogenizing technique. Measurements of the external genitalia and the post slaughter traits were subjected to regression analysis using the DSP as the dependent variable to come up with prediction equations for estimating the DSP from the studied traits. The coefficients of determination (R2) for fitted functions were determined.

Paired testicular weight (PTW) had a high and positive correlation (r = 0.64, P>0.01<0.05) with the DSP, paired epididymis weight caudal (PEW3) also had a positive and significant correlation (r = 0.78, P<0.01) with the DSP. Both the paired scrotal length (PSL) and paired scrotal diameter (PSD) had a positive but insignificant correlation (r = 0.40, P>0.05) each with the DSP. The R2 varied from 0.00 to 1.15

Either PSD or PSL could be used to predict DSP in a live buck since it has positive correlation with DSP as the post slaughter traits such as PTW and PEW3.


Key words: External genitalia Morphometric indices, Daily Sperm Production, rabbit, Post slaughter traits.

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