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Shiwenzu et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural

Vol. 9(4), pp. 376-381, 2019

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Empirical observations of crop and
integrated soil fertility management interventions in the central and south
western Ethiopia


Getamesay Shiwenzu;
Ruth Damtachew; Ayalenesh Melesse; Ayalew Adella


Holetta Agricultural Research
Center, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ethiopia





Article No.: 081319155

Type: Research

DOI: 10.15580/GJAS.2019.4.081319155



introduction of different improved and high yielding crop varieties has
increased the possibility of getting improved seed and diversified the
cropping systems in the model watersheds. Moreover, the formulation of byelaw
has assisted farmers by helping them to transfer seed from farmer to farmer
and became accountable for their actions. In regard to this demonstration
trial has been made by using random complete clock design. Major crops in
the watershed, i.e. Teff and wheat were used with 4 different treatments,
negative control, compost, NP and NP & compost. The experiment was
analyzed using SAS software. The result shows that there is a significant
difference in terms of yield between treatments. The application of
inorganic fertilizer alone was significantly superior in yield and plant
height. In spite of this the yield gained from both application of compost
and inorganic fertilizers should be an option. The research demonstrated
that use of organic fertilizer was important aspect of agriculture and
efficient ways and agricultural machineries should be developed in order to
boost organic farming system in the country. In general female
participations and investment on informal education of the farmers is
important.  Furthermore, strengthening
crop production with that of land and erosion management through watershed
approaches should be facilitated.


Submitted: 13/08/2019

Accepted:  17/09/2019

Published: 01/11/2019


*Corresponding Author

Getamesay Shiwenzu

E-mail: ngetish@
gmail. com



Crop; Soil Fertility; Organic fertilizer; Inorganic
fertilizer; Teff, Wheat; Yield




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Shiwenzu G; Damtachew R; Melesse A; Adella A
(2019). Empirical observations of crop and integrated soil fertility
management interventions in the central and south western Ethiopia. Greener Journal of
Agricultural Sciences
9(4): 376-381,



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