Sithole Et Al


Sithole et al

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 2 (
7), pp.334-339,

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number:


An assessment of alien plant species in Gonarezhou
National Park, Zimbabwe

Daniel Sithole, Patience Zisadza-Gandiwa and Edson


Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife
Management Authority, Private Bag 7003, 



* Corresponding author: Email:

egandiwa @
Mobile: +263773490202.


This study investigated the occurrence of alien plant
species in Gonarezhou National Park (GNP), Zimbabwe. We
focused on two main habitat types, namely riparian areas of
the major rivers and dry land areas. Sampling was carried
out from 42 sampling plots in both habitat types. Variables
studied included the numbers of alien plant species per
plot, density, frequency and diversity. A total of 15 alien
plant species were identified in GNP. Our results indicate a
high density of forbs and shrubs in riparian areas as
compared to dry land areas. Similarly, riparian areas had
higher species diversity than dry land areas. Our study
represents the first step to monitor alien plants which
includes the identification of alien plant species and basic
information on their distribution in GNP. This is important
for enabling effective monitoring of both new introductions
and the distribution of species already present.
Keywords: Alien plant species, dry land, ecosystem,
native species, protected area, riparian.

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